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Gotlandstraße 3
10439 Berlin, Germany

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Johannes P Osterhoff

Wearing various hats of creativity, I deal with user interfaces from an artist's, a designer's, or scientist's point of view. I change my role according to a project's requirement. And sometimes I implement interface-related projects for food.

This is my CV, my life in a table, and it is the mobile version of my homepage.

Born on September 8, 1980 in Reutlingen, Germany.



Master of Arts, European Media

Merz Akademie Stuttgart, Germany and University of Portsmouth, UK
Thesis: “IMG SRC ORG” (graduation with honors)
Media-theoretical and historical background to visual image search stressing the paradox of the image in the text-based medium internet.
Thesis Advisor: Olia Lialina


Diploma of Applied Science, Designer (FH)

Pathway: Interactive Media, Merz Akademie Stuttgart
Thesis: “IMG SRC”
Fully functional visual image search engine, crawler, and user interface that could search images by color and composition (similar to Google's Search By Image).
Thesis Advisor: Olia Lialina

Professional Experience


Research Associate at Hasso-Plattner-Institut, Potsdam

User Interface Design, Information Retrieval, Semantic Web


Lecturer at Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule

Mostly User Interface Design, some Text and Interaction


Freelancing Interface Pro, Berlin

Interface-, Corporate- and Web-Design
Customers: barcoo UG Berlin, checkitmobile GmbH Berlin, Deuxième Degree Gbr Berlin, Movilitas Consulting AG and Movilitas Solutions GmbH Mannheim, Young & Rubicam GmbH Frankfurt and others


Lecturer at Merz Akademie, Stuttgart

Contemporary User Interface Design


Interface Artist

Connecting Art and User Interfaces


Web Developer at Teletype Studios, Moscow

Projects: LG Russia, Renault Russia and others


Intern Web Developer at Art. Lebedev Studios, Moscow

Projects: Russian Aluminium, Nokia NGage, Microsoft Russia


Freelance Web Designer

Customers: infos GmbH, relaxed high GbR, Wöhr Parksysteme GmbH etc.


Selected Refereed Publications


Johannes Osterhoff, Jörg Waitelonis, Harald Sack:
Brushing and Linking Resurfaced — From Faceted to Exploratory Video Search. New!
Special Issue on Visualisation of and Interaction with Semantic Web Data, International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems (submitted)

Johannes Osterhoff, Jörg Waitelonis, and Harald Sack:
Widen the Peepholes! Entity-based Auto-Suggestion as a rich and yet immediate Starting Point for Exploratory Search.
Workshop Interaktion und Visualisierung im Daten-Web (IVDW 2012), Co-located with INFORMATIK 2012, Sep 20, 2012, Braunschweig (PDF 0.5 MB)

Jan Nandzik, Berenike Litz, Nicolas Flores-Herr, Aenne Löhden, Iuliu Konya, Doris Baum, André Bergholz, Dirk Schönfuß, Christian Fey, Johannes Osterhoff, Jörg Waitelonis, Harald Sack, Ralf Köhler, Patrick Ndjiki-Nya:
CONTENTUS—Technologies for Next Generation Multimedia Libraries, Automatic multimedia processing for semantic search. In: Journal for Multimedia Tools and Applications, Springer Netherlands, 2012, p 1-41. ISSN 1380-7501


Johannes Osterhoff, Jörg Waitelonis, Joscha Jäger, Harald Sack:
Sneak Preview? Instantly Know What To Expect In Faceted Video Browsing.
Workshop Interaktion und Visualisierung im Daten-Web (IVDW 2011), Co-located with INFORMATIK 2011, Oct 6, 2011, Berlin
(PDF 1.1 MB and slides)

Jörg Waitelonis, Johannes Osterhoff, Harald Sack:
More than the Sum of its Parts: CONTENTUS—A Semantic Multimodal Search User Interface.
Workshop on Visual Interfaces to the Social and Semantic Web (VISSW 2011), Co-located with ACM IUI 2011, Feb 13, 2011, Palo Alto, US, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, ISSN 1613-0073
(PDF 1.2 MB and slides)

Poster Presentation


Interface Art vs. Interface Trivialization @ Hyperkult XX, Workshop at Leuphana University, Lüneburg

Book Chapter


Desktop Island, in: Olia Lialina und Dragan Espenschied (Eds.): Digital Folklore Reader, published by merz & solitude, Stuttgart 2009,
ISBN 978-3937982250 (PDF 2.3 MB)



IMG SRC – Anmerkungen und Lösungen zum Problem digitaler Bildersuche im Netz (Remarks and Solutions on the Issue of Image-based Information Retrieval on the Web, in German), published by merz & solitude, Stuttgart 2007, ISBN 978-3-937982-16-8

Web-based publications

since 2009

“Defence Project” and “Drop Shadow Blog”

Posts (in German) at Berliner Gazette


Hausbau, world's first dynamically illustrated PDF magazine (PDF, 0.3 MB)

Major Art Works

Impressions: Google – One-Year Performance Piece, Windows Real and Defence

Exhibitions and Shows

Solo Exhibitions


iPhone live @ Galerie La Fonderie du 11ème, Paris, France


iPhone live @ bauer&ewald kunstverein, Berlin


Home, Sweet Home @ Sankt Oberholz, Berlin


Defence @ Galereya ABC, Artstrelka Moscow


Aqua & Aero @ Galerie 35, Berlin

Aqua Anthology @ c-base, Berlin


Aqua @ Galereya ABC, Artstrelka Moscow

Group Exhibitions and Participations


iPhone live (One-Year Performance Piece) @ 26. Stuttgarter Filmwinter

iPhone live @ transmediale reSource 002: Out of Place, Out of Time, Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Kunsthaus Bethanien, Berlin

Google (One-Week Performance Piece) @ transmediale 2012 in/compatible, reSource, Berlin

Google (One-Year Performance Piece) @ 25. Stuttgarter Filmwinter


Google (One-Year Performance Piece, Poster Edition) @ Transprivacy, public space, Düsseldorf

Submit Button, Tell 2.0, Home, Sweet Home, Google (One-Year Performance Piece) @ Hyperkult XX, Leuphana University Lüneburg

Google (One-Year Performance Piece) @ Speedshow #13: Fun is back, Stuttgart


Firewall Ball, Tell 2.0 @ TELE-INTERNET, Ars Electronica, Linz

Fakebook @ Speedshow #1: TELE-INTERNET, Berlin

7 Windows @ Showcase Reboot, Platoon Kunsthalle, Seoul


Defence @ UNIVERSAM Art Fair, Moscow (with ABC Group)

Aero: Home Security @ Tacheles Werkschau, Berlin

Defence @ Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm (with ABC Group)


Prints on Canvas @ Gallery Show #1, Gallery Art Since the Summer of 69, New York


Aqua II @ Art Moscow (with ABC Group)


Submit-Button, Aqua I @ European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück


Aqua I @ Midlife Crisis of Computer Graphics, Merz Akademie Stuttgart


Submit Button @ First 10 Years of WWW, Merz Akademie Stuttgart

Invited Talks and Presentations

Impressions: Google Juice, Aqua II and Freedom from Porn


Google, iPhone live & Dear Jeff Bezos, Artist Talk @ EMAF, Osnabrück


iPhone live, Artist Talk @ Supermarkt Berlin

Welcome to my iPhone! (presentation) @ transmediale reRource event 002, Kunsthaus Bethanien, Berlin

Artist Talk (feat. iPhone live) @ HPI HCI Lab, Potsdam

Isolation and Empowerment after Web 2.0 (panel) @ transmediale 2012, HDKdW, Berlin (slides and images)

reSource Launch—Zombie Play in the Ludic Salon @ transmediale 2012, HdKdW, Berlin


Pecha Kucha Talk (about Google) @ Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin

Google, One-Year Performance Piece @ Museum of American Art, Berlin

Artist Talk (feat. Google) @ HPI HCI Lab, Potsdam

Interface Kunst zwischen Schiller und Porno (feat. Google) @ Tschk! Talks, La Lupita Berlin

Pecha Kucha Talk (feat. Google) @ 1. Erlanger Pecha Kucha Nacht


Quit my Google Juice Addiction @ Public Interfacial Gesture Salon, O Tannenbaum, Berlin

Artist Talk @ TELE-INTERNET, Ars Electronica, Linz


Pecha Kucha Talk @ Festsaal XBerg, Berlin

Traveling Desktop Country @ Museum of American Art, Berlin

Pecha Kucha Talk @ Webciety CeBIT Hannover


Pecha Kucha Talk @ Tape Club, Berlin


On Interface Art @ Galereya ABC, Artstrelka, Moscow


At Merz Akademie (one-week block seminars)

At Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule (full semester seminars)




The Drop Shadow Talks

Lecture series that brings together interface-based artists, theorists and designers in the digital drop shadow.
Speakers: Prof. Owen Mundy, JODI, Prof. Dr. Hans Dieter Hellige, Prof. Dr. Marc Hassenzahl, Gordan Savicic, Constant Dullaart, Prof. Jay David Bolter, Jan Robert Leegte, Prof. Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied, Michelle Teran, Aram Bartholl and Lars Harmsen.


Aqua Contest

Interface Artists (and readers of German MacLife magazine) were asked to submit their GUI-based artworks.



Expanded Media Preis / Network Culture, Stuttgarter Filmwinter New!

Honorary Mention for iPhone live (One-Year Performance Piece)


Expanded Media Preis / Network Culture, Stuttgarter Filmwinter

Honorary Mention for Google (One-Year Performance Piece)

Publikumspreis Network Culture, gestiftet von ARTE creative

Second place for Google (One-Year Performance Piece)

Students Supervised (Selected)

winter 2010/11

Simon Schmidt: Interface Kitsch in the Age of the iPad (in German)

Constantin Kawohl: Bento Magazine, Publications on the iPad

Julia Borchardt: Interventions between Every-day Life and Gamification (in German, with Katrin Glanz)

summer 2009

Andreas Sommer: swap—iPhone Remote Control

Linda Horstkotte: Immaterial Software and its Iconic Representation on the Interface, Aesthetical Investigations on the Desktop
(in German, with Prof. Cyrus Khazaeli)

All BAs from Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule.
If not noted otherwise supervised with Prof. Thomas Noller.

Selected Press

For press coverage about iPhone live, please see the press section
on the iPhone live website.

Magazine Articles

Guardami: Sto Vivendo Online (Look, I Live Online), by Ivan Olita,
WIRED Italy, October 2012, page 54

Portrait des Interface-Künstlers Johannes P Osterhoff, M – Das Magazin, 02.2011, pages 32—35, by Hendrik Efert, in German, web version

Aus etwas Schönem Schönes machen, Aqua & Aero von Johannes P Osterhoff, Mac Life 10.2007, pages 116—120,
by Charlotte Erdmann, in German, PDF 0.7 MB


Dear Jeff Bezos, by Ben Fino-Radin, Rhizome, Jan 12, 2013 New!

Artist Interview, by Udo Lee, Eloquence Creators' Magazine, pages 26—31, 01/2013, South Korea, PDF (1,9 MB) New!

Here’s What Happens When You Broadcast Your iPhone Screen Live On The Internet, by Nicole Martinelli, Cult of Mac, Jul 13, 2012

User Preferences: Tech Q&A, The Creators Project, 2011

Google gehört uns. Wir haben es groß gemacht (Google belongs to us.
We made it big), Für eine Bessere Welt Blog, 2011

Radio and TV

My data... is all yours! Introducing an iPhone with public-access,
documentation about iPhone live in The Art Geeks, arte CREATIVE
by Martin Dunkelmann and Stephan Walsch, Sep 19, 2012

iPhone live during Neuanfang, by Robert Hecklau,
Unser Ding, Saarländer Rundfunk (ARD), Jul 31, 2012

Das Portrait (Kulturradio am Morgen), by Johannes Fischer,
kulturradio, RBB, Jul 17, 2012

iPhone live at Trackback (TRB 287), by Marcus Richter,
Radio Fritz, RBB, Jul 14, 2012

Recent Blogs

The Unconscious Performance of Identity,
by Owen Mundy, Rhizome, Aug 22, 2012

Tutto un anno di attività sull'iPhone in un'opera d'arte (One year of iPhone Activity as Art), by Philip Di Salvo,, Gadgetland, Jul 11, 2012

Wider Die Pseudoprivatsphäre (Against Pseudo Privacy), by Pascal Paukner, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Digitalblog, Jul 10, 2012

Artist Johannes Osterhoff Broadcasting His iPhone Use Online For A Year, by Adi Robertson, The Verge, Jul 9, 2012

Happening De mémoire d’iphone, by Marie Lechner, Libération, Jul 6, 2012

Artist Publishes His Life Online Via A Custom iPhone App, by Kevin Holmes, The Creators Project, Jun 29, 2012

Selected Public Praise


“I really love what Johannes P Osterhoff does—his Google performance where he made his search requests public. That discomfort means to adjust your life to constant surveillance [...] and now there is a really interesting range in documentation of what he went through in this time.” — Olia Lialina in EXBERLINER, Feb 2012


“It's really wild to see something that's only ever existed in pixels translated into real-life.” — TUAW about “Home, Sweet Home”

“Swiss folk hero William Tell and his apple sharpshooting get a 2.0 update.” — Cult of Mac about “Tell 2.0”

“You want Google Juice? I give you Google Juice!” — Rene Walter, Nerdcore about “Google Juice”

„Humoristische Auseinandersetzung mit den Jugendschutzmaßnahmen von Apple“ — Markus Beckendahl,


“Billboards announcing the arrival of the iPad on Friday have been going up all over Berlin, but one of them in the subway station of Rosenthaler Platz is quite different to the rest.” — Mike Butcher, TechCrunch

“Hats off to this Robin Hood of mixed media.” — Cult of Mac

“Lousy Way Of Protesting” — Gizmodo


„Desktop Country ist ein digitales Musterland aus sauberen Reihenhaussiedlungen und mit vorbildlichen Bewohnern. Doch hinter diesen perfekten Fassaden gärt es genauso wie in der realen Welt.“ — taz


“If I could live with any work of art ever made it would be the print I bought from the artist Johannes P Osterhoff.” — Cory Arcangel in Art World
(March 2008)


„Einzigartig!“ — PAGE (02/2006)

Technical Skills

First personal website in 1996.

Regular commercial web projects since 1998. Professional skills in modern HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL. Recent interaction prototypes mostly in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery; recent search interfaces and rich internet applications in Java with the GWT framework.

Artistic projects involving iPhone and Kindle hacking, crawlers, scrapers, generative PDF illustration and layout, image processing, misuse of Wordpress and SEO.

Currently interested in projects involving Java and GWT.

Spoken Languages


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